Writing Great Headings in Job Ads

Job advertisements must be effective and attract attention on a crowded page, and so the heading and the bullet points are the most important part of the ad

The purpose of a heading is to attract the attention of those you are trying to reach. Using a dark, bold font surrounded by negative space can make your heading stand out on a busy page. Using capital letters are less readable, so using upper and lower case is the best way to go

Where possible use words such as ‘BDM’ or ‘Sales Mgr’ rather than the longer ‘Business Development Manager’ – even if the formal title for the job will be the longer one. Remember the people you are trying to attract, in this case BDMs know exactly what it means when the big heading catches their eye. The ignorance of the other 90% or readers is irrelevant, plus their eye is less likely to be caught

Sub-headings are also critical, and you can make these quite long if necessary (but remember to sell the benefits of the job position, and keep the information relevant!)

Keep saying to yourself, “I am not writing this ad to look good on a website. I am writing it to stand out on the website where it will be posted”. That is probably the single most important concept to understand with job advertisements.