Working in the Tech Industry

1. It’s a lot easier than you think to transition into a technical career. 

Nowadays, every company has a website as well as some form of online presence. The need for tech workers is not confined to a single city, country, or even industry. If you’re overwhelmed, here’s what you should do: start where you are. Find ways at your current company to get your hands dirty with tech. There are little ways in your day-to-day you can incorporate it. Get creative!

2. You don’t need a CS degree to get a good job. 

Another huge myth is that you need a Computer Science (or related) degree to get your foot in the door—let alone land a high-paying job. However, this is not the case. Majority of developers in the workforce are actually self-taught and are paid more handsomely than the average worker. 

3. Flex those creative muscles.

Many people associate technical jobs with not being creative. This is another misconception. In reality, tech is all about finding creative ways to solve problems and build things. In fact, one could even say that knowing how to code empowers you to take your creativity to the next level.

4. You don’t have to be naturally gifted at computers. 

You don’t have to be naturally tech-savvy to break into the tech industry. Just like learning how to write well, or speak a foreign language, you can teach yourself and get better over time.

5. You don’t need to be good at math (or science).

Coding is all about problem-solving and logic. In fact, some people who have the easiest time learning are those coming from professions where problem-solving is involved, as well as attention to detail. (Like lawyers and musicians!)