Why You Should Use a Planner

With our busy lifestyles and overfilled schedules, it can be easy to lose track of some of your tasks. This is why using a planner can be highly beneficial, as they can keep track of your tasks for you, which therefore takes out some of your stress. However, these days, planners tend to be overlooked for some sticky notes, which can be lost and cluttered, or memory, which can often be scattered and unreliable. Here are five reasons why using a planner will help you in your workplace.

Helps your time management

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of using a planner for work is its ability to help you manage your time better. A planner allows you to see the complete list of activities that you need to do within a certain period of time, which therefore gives you an idea on how much time you should allocate for each task. By giving yourself a set time to finish off your tasks, you will be more inclined to work more productively to finish off the task in time.   

You can clearly see priorities

Most workers have to juggle several tasks at once, so it is recommended to prioritise time wisely according to importance and difficulty. Using a planner enables you to see everything you need to do which therefore helps you pick out the more important work in the list to complete first and the more mundane tasks that can be left for later.

Improves memory

It has been proven time and time again that going through the effort of writing notes down on paper will help you remember them better. So if you are someone who has a long list of things to complete and are worried that you may forget something, then try writing them all down on a planner. It will help you remember it later on, and even if you do manage to forget it, you can just simply flick back to your planner to remind yourself.

Lower stress levels

With our increasingly busy lives, it can become stressful and overwhelming to make sure that you never miss any of your important or unimportant tasks. Having a planner can help relieve some of that stress by allowing you to have a safety measure in place. By writing everything down in a planner, you can feel assured knowing that you won’t miss another meeting or deadline.

You can identify patterns and habits to improve on

If you are ever confused about your work patterns, or why you can never seem to finish off all of your tasks in time, then try using a planner. You can utilise a planner to list of all your tasks and keep a record of when they are or are not completed. This will help you recognise any interesting patterns in your behaviour that may explain any issues you have with your working habits. From there, you can find it easier to come up with ways to remedy the problem.