Why You Should Take up University Societies

Student societies often play an important role in creating a university’s identity and appeal. Most universities have student societies to allow students to meet new friends, take a break from academic studies and practice professional skills. Here is why you should participate in a student society if you are a university student.

Common interests

With the vast number of students attending universities, there is often an array of societies built on various interests that covers every interest imaginable such as sport, culture, business and religion. With such many interests, you are bound to find at least one that matches up with your own interests. Also, even if you can’t find a society with an interest that aligns with yours, then it is still a great opportunity to explore around try to find new interests that you may not have previously experienced or considered.

New people

Most students who join student societies are there to meet new people and make new friends. Particularly for international students or students who do not have friends who go to the same university as them, student societies offer them a chance to find new friends. This is important to all students as friendship helps ease any sense of loneliness and lead students to happier, healthier and more fulfilling university life.

Taking a break from academics

While universities are meant to be built with the intention of educating students, it can also be a provider of stress relief, and student societies is one of the methods used to help ease students’ stress. Research has shown the need for a balanced academic life in order to ensure that students are in a healthy mental state. So, participating in student society activities and meetups means taking a break from academic studies and having a chance to relax with friends and socialise.

Improve professional skills

Student societies can also look great on your resume if you choose to be a part of a society’s committee. Being a part of a society’s committee would involve helping the board run the organisation. This means you will have to practice professional skills such as teamwork, communication, planning and coordination. All these skills are universally sought after by companies, so participating in student societies will help you practice your professional skills and ready you for the future workplace.