What Would Change If You Worked At What You Love?

How much would it change your life if you had a better career? What would be some of the main benefits? Some answers could be: “More money”, “Happier attitude”, “improved self-esteem”. What would change for you?

Life is clearly a journey, not a destination: we’re all heading down a pathway. But which particular path are you on? Planning ahead for which pathway you take, and for how long to stay on that path, is critical. You need to be clear, focused, and aim high.

But! The predominant thing, the most crucial thing, is the increased passion and energy in your life when you are doing what you love. Imagine doing a job that makes you feel alive. So, is it worth having a career plan to get that job? Absolutely

When I am working with people, planning their careers, most people want to know how to: be successful in their job, get promoted, use their time effectively, retire or semi-retire, or to be financially comfortable before they are too old. Most importantly, they want to know if their career is current going in the right direction.

This is for all of you who are looking to downsize your jobs and get more balance; or perhaps move to the country or the coast and do something completely different. The advice that can help is a simple plan remains valid, it’s just that your goals are broader than just money. And perhaps you will work at something you like a little less to gain the lifestyle benefits. But fundamentally, as in any great career, you still need to plan to get there.