What type of achievements can I add to my resume?

Writing about our achievements in our resumes can be hard. It is also a fact that when we are good at something it tends to come easily, so we don’t think it’s particularly important, we don’t value it. However, it is an essential part of describing each job, to list what you achieved, and sometimes it may not, at first glance seem like a lot. So here is a list of some not-so-obvious ones, and ones that may not have been a core part of your job:

  • Being selected to represent the company at conferences
  • Bringing in new processes; making the operations more efficient
  • Doing community service; organising a staff event
  • Winning an employee award (though don’t overstate its importance)
  • Some sports achievement – being captain; running a marathon; winning something
  • Having a great work attendance record, particularly when lack of it is a problem in your industry
  • Doing well in exams or succeeding in fields unrelated to your career
  • Managing a project for your company that is outside your normal work

Remember, humble boasts are okay!