What To Do After You’ve Blown Your Job Interview

When one door closes, another door will open. Here are 2 strategies that you can use to recover from a bad job interview.

1. Give Yourself Some Time  

A bad interview can leave you feeling frustrated and upset. Take some time (whether it’s ten minutes or an hour) to reflect on the experience, but don’t dwell on it for too long. Remember, this is only one opportunity, and there will be many more.

2. Look for Lessons

Once you’ve spent some time reviewing the interview, ask yourself if there is anything you can learn from your mistakes. Did the interview go poorly because you were late? Did you flub an answer to a common interview question? Did you fail to demonstrate your passion for the position? If you can identify the exact reason the interview went poorly, it can help you fix the problem, either with this position or by preparing differently for your next interview.

Be patient, stay positive and keep grinding through. You can do it!