What is an “A Player”?

Have you ever been in the team who have higher expectations for their goals and constantly working toward them? That is when you know that you are in a team of A-players. They are the ideal form of employees for the top companies and have excellent qualities that we all are working for. 

Here are 5 characteristics of A player.

Personal ownership 

A player like to be held accountable for his or her work and thinks of ways to improve. Taking ownership means being responsible for the result and acknowledging their impact on themselves and their co-worker’s ability to achieve their goals. Being accountable is the most important characteristic of A player. They rather take ownership for their mistakes than playing a blame-game to others. By making decisions thoroughly and responsibly, they are motivated to improve what they are doing. 

Trustworthy and reliable

A Players can be people who others go for valuable advice and they can be regarded as a confidant by their co-workers. They give reliable support for the work and want to help others. A player trusts themselves and they are trusted by others for being genuine and transparent with their work. They are reliable for completing their jobs on time and effectively managing their workload without supervisors or managers. 


Every business requires good communication to drive profits for their company. A players are great communicators who speak openly, honestly and in a respectful way. They ask questions and listen deeply on what others have to say instead of arguing while their co-worker is talking. A player are active members of the team, they speak up about their opinions and do not scare to give better alternative suggestions. 


Integrity is one of the core values that every employer looks for in the employees. Having integrity means ensuring that every decision we made is ethical and applies to moral principles. A player always values their integrity and don’t pursue to win over their clients at all cost, they maintain their values while communicating with co-workers and customers. They have the potential to learn the industry that they are part of and master it and play by the rules.


If you are working with a team, you might know that business can change and evolve quickly. People will quit or join the group, goals, and budget will be redefined. But A players can adjust to these new situations and environments quickly. They are not scared of changes, they see it as an opportunity to grow. Their ability to stay comfortable and positive with all changes will open chances for their career growth.