The Myths About Working in the IT industry

Don’t always believe in what you hear about the IT industry. Here are some common myths that may be stopping you from pursuing this industry 

Not everyone in tech plays video games. 

People who work in tech have a range of personalities, interests, and hobbies. People who work in tech don’t fit a stereotype. Your outside interests can even be one of your selling points. 

The tech industry is NOT entirely male-dominated.

There’s a lot of talk in the news about the lack of women in tech. While this is true in many professions/companies, not every area in tech is completely male-dominated. When it comes to particular companies, majority are of female employees. In others, women are represented near-equally with men. Companies like Groupon, Ebay, Pandora, Pinterest, and LinkedIn have a workforce made up of 40% female workers or more. (Pandora is 49% female!). Statistics can vary depending where you look. However, there are women in tech; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

NOT all tech jobs are outsourced. 

Yes, outsourcing is a real thing that companies of all sizes do. After all, companies, especially large ones, want employees around the world. Think of it this way: if you’re serving a customer base in multiple time zones, you want people on duty all the time. Moreover, many large companies have offices in multiple countries. And true: it can be cheaper to hire workers abroad than back at home. However, there is still plenty of demand for tech workers. Outsourcing, while cost-effective, comes with certain drawbacks: time differences, language differences, cultural barriers, and so on. The fact is, certain responsibilities and tasks are much better handled domestically. And employers know this.