The Interview: Answering questions designed to trick you

Question 1: Why do you want to work here?
In other words, “do you know and care about what our company does?

Don’t be fooled – this question is not all about you. Do your research prior to the interviewand identify the company’s mission and values and explain how these align with your own. The employer just wants to know whether you understand how their company works, andthat you’re passionate about their values.

Question 2: Where do you see yourself in five years?In other words, “do you plans align with our plans?”

Yes, you can show off how ambitious you are, but the employer wants to know more than just that. What they really want to know is whether your long-term goals align with theirs.The best way to answer this question is to be honest. Don’t lie to impress them so that you can get the job. Be open and honest, and besides, joining a company that has opposite plans to you will only cause more stress.

Question 3: What salary range are you looking for?In other words, “did you do your research?”

You should never settle for less and neither should you inflate your worth. It is important to understand a reasonable salary according to the market so that you could approach salary negotiations more confidently. Remember, you’re looking for a salary that is fair, so if a company is offering you an amount that is well below the market; don’t waste your time and move on. Ask the interviewer for a reasonable amount, and if they’re offering you an amountthat’s below your current salary, it’s okay to be upfront and tell them that this much lower than what you’re making right now.

Question 4: How would your co-workers or managers describe you?
In other words, “how would you describe yourself, and give examples”

Most candidates will provide a long list of their great work ethics, but obviously interviewersaren’t going to assume that you’ll admit to missing deadlines. You can impress yourinterviewer by highlighting your top personality traits. For example: are you funny,empathetic, friendly, bubbly? Back it up with a story (but don’t go off track!)