Take A Break At Work

Taking a breath break can help when you’re feeling stressed, exhausted or just need to hit the reset button. Below are two ways you could include a breath break in your work routine.

1. Count your breaths.

Breathing in and out for a certain amount of time gives you control over the process, taking your attention away from racing thoughts and back to your physical body.  

2. Scan your body.

Overwhelmed by a work task? Head to the bathroom and reflect on how you’re physically feeling with this body scan:

  • Close your eyes and focus in on your breath.
  • Notice how your body feels. Are you tense? Sore? Exhausted?
  • As you inhale, breathe into places of discomfort.
  • As you exhale, envision your body releasing any tension or exhaustion.

Give yourself a quick few body stretches to refreshen your mind and body. Then, give yourself a smile in the mirror and get back to smashing work.