Self-care at work

You have to take care of yourself! Not only at home, or when you are alone but also during your work! 

So here are my favorite 7 steps to having good self-care habits especially at the workplace!

  1. Set and maintain professional boundaries

 So, to take care of our own mental and physical health, it is good to set the professional boundaries with your co-workers and managers! Communicate well and speak clearly about your mental and physical limits for the workloads!  

2. Balance your work schedule and life demands

 Everyone has their commitment and responsibility outside of the work. So, try to balance as much as you can to fulfill both work and life demands. 

3.Make time throughout your workday for the self-care:

 You cannot work all day and it would impact on your mental and physical health. So, try to take a few self-care breaks like going for lunch or afternoon works, social time with co-workers, listening to relaxing music’

4.Create a healthy workspace for yourself

Your environment is really important for your productivity and focused on work. So, make sure that you have a clean space to work and also a healthy relationship with your co-workers.

5.Develop a shortlist of top priorities for each day

 The to-do-list is sometimes just to-do-list and we don’t finish it! So, try to make a few 2 or 3 priorities for each day and focus on those so that you would not be lost in the pile of work and increase productivity. 

6.Minimize procrastination and maximize a sense of control

As I talked about it before, procrastination (remember to publish this (no. 13) after the procrastination post (no.14) is an unhealthy habit and to create a healthy working environment, you need to take control over yourself and stop procrastinating. 

7.Consider your needs and available resources before you commit to the project or assignment at work.

 If you don’t have the time or resources that you need for the project, it will end up in the disappointment about yourself. So that way, you will know whether it will lead to overextending yourself and you can compromise your self-care!