Reading Your Body Language In A Job Interview

Body language is important. Very important. You can say what you want during a job interview, but if your body language tells a different story… you may lose grip of this opportunity. Here are some body language tips for you to consider before sitting for a job interview

Sit up straight

Sit up straight and to keep your back against the backrest. Make sure that you respect your conversation partner’s personal space. Otherwise you will leave too much of an impression.

Stay calm and sit quietly

Do not wiggle in your chair and keep your legs still. Someone who is using his hands and arms too much can be perceived as disturbing. The same applies to someone who is not moving at all.

Don’t try to hide your stress too much

Don’t try to hide your stress too much. You want to come across as natural and pleasant to talk with. If you show healthy stress then you will give the impression that the job is important to you. If you look too stoically then you may come across as indifferent.

Nod only when you agree

Nod your head if you agree, when you understand an important point and when you want to invite your conversation partner to continue talking

Maintain eye contact

All you need is  natural smile, firm voice and constant eye contact to show respect and confidence

Take a deep breath in before your job interview to relax and calm down your nerves. All you can do now is to do the best that you can!