Out with the old, and in with a new job

Are you considering to change your career this year? Here are some tips to help you prepare in optimising your career plans

Numbers Stand Out

With even more CVs to review than normal, it is imperative you make your CV stand out in a professional way. Statistics and numbers are a sure way to get the hiring manager’s attention

Boost your Digital Platform

Give your LinkedIn account an update, add perspective employers, join groups centered around your job ideals and perhaps let potential recruiters and companies know you are seeking new opportunities. Social media can be a great way to get noticed and put you a step ahead of the rest

Be Realistic

What are you looking for in your new job? Perhaps it’s more job satisfaction, a higher salary, health care or just a new opportunity or challenge. A realistic view on what skills and what salary ballpark you are in, will mean you are more likely to be considered for the job

Get Help

There are lots of ways to keep up to date with all the latest jobs on the market, and most are free of charge. Joining multiple Job Boards and entering your job details and skills is one way to receive daily job updates