Networking With Competitors: Taking It To Another Level

Imagine an industry where there are perhaps 100 competitors. And say that 5 or 6 managers or professionals from different companies, who all do similar roles, start co-operating and helping one another with their careers. What sort of things could they share and help one another with? What could they do together to get themselves more leverage: to start getting a bigger piece of the pie? What are some of the things this small group might be able to share whilst still competing with others doing the same job?

  • Client networking (they may be in the same industry, but they are likely to be targeting different segments, or have slightly different products, and can offer you contacts)
  • Professional development – e.g sharing ideas from conferences; circulating good research reports
  • Sharing ideas on marketing, what works for them
  • Sharing knowledge of software or other products or systems that make your job easier or more productive

This sort of co-operation and support can really make your career sing