Lights, Camera… Skype!

Job interviews over Skype are becoming increasingly common. Here are some considerations to help you tame the Skype beast and avoid the pitfalls.

Dress professionally

It is vital to make a good impression based on your dress and surroundings. Being in formal dress will also help you to feel like it is a formal interview and put you in the right frame of mind.

Pick your backdrop wisely

Find a neutral, tidy spot if possible. Consider the lighting and how you sit too.  Also, make sure you are in a quiet room which will not be interrupted.

Get a grip on the technology beforehand

Before you begin, make sure you have a grip of the technology to avoid any last minute panics, especially if you haven’t used Skype before. If technology fails midway through, don’t panic and remain professional. The interviewer will be aware that some things are out of your control. Just start the call again and update your interviewer on the situation.

Don’t be late

Call and get it all setup a few minutes early to avoid any awkwardness. Equally, have your notes ready and a glass of water to hand so you aren’t fiddling with papers or getting a dry mouth once you make a start.

Remember body language

Remember to look at the camera and not the screen so that way the interviewer will feel you are maintaining eye contact. Remember to smile and have an engaged and pleasant facial expression.