Jobs of the Future: Jobs that will be Created in the Next Decade

With the rapidly evolving employment market, there is little doubt that many new jobs will be created in the near future that is almost unheard of today. Most of these jobs will predictably involve the creation and maintenance of technology, so brush up on your IT skills and take a look at the following list of jobs predicted to be created sooner than you think.

Data detective

With the increasingly important role that data holds in not only running the workforce, but in running society in general, it is little wonder that new jobs will be created to cater to this new phenomenon. Despite data’s incredible ability to operate society, give valuable information to businesses and create new technology, one of the most prominent issues that data has presented to critics is their privacy and safety concerns. Enter the ‘data detectives’. Data detectives combine knowledge of law and data together to investigate crimes related to data. This job has great potential to hold significant value to society as current laws are struggling to keep up with concerns regarding data, and data detectives will be able to help update old-fashioned laws.

Drone manager

While drones are not common yet, they are often tested as a new method of catching crimes, delivery and aid in the discovery and prevention of potential fires. In fact, Amazon had just recently held trails to see whether drones are able to deliver small packaged goods to correct houses, which clearly highlights the growing potential value of drones. Thus, it is imperative that there will be drone managers, who will be tasked with the overseeing of drones’ activities and ensuring that all work done by drones are accurate and operated smoothly.

Personal medical interpreter

With the increase in genetic medicine and the aging population, there will be an upsurge in the number of patients who will ask for customised medicine. Therefore, there will be the need for personal medical interpreters. Personal medical interpreters are designed to help explain, design and deliver personalised treatments to their patients.

Wholeness mentor

Millennials are emerging as an increasingly important target market, and as a result, their lifestyles and values are becoming the center of focus for new businesses. With the concern over ‘time poverty’ that many millennials are facing today, counselors are becoming trained to understand the nature of this problem and how to solve them in order to effectively cater towards the new generation of workers. These counselors are tasked with helping individuals to create a lifelong strategies that supports their personal values, social life and spiritual happiness in order to create a more fulfilling life for millennials.