Job Descriptions: Concise And Accurate

Within the job description, one should be concisely informed about what it would actually be like for them to work at the company.

Make sure that the job description does not turn out to be some sort of list of ideal traits and that no other candidate would have. The job description must not make the company look out of touch in any way – candidates would like to know that they could have a chance of working for the company and will move onto the next advert if they don’t think they can make it to the cut

Of course everybody wants the most experienced candidate but that doesn’t mean that one should demand unnecessary ​job requirements​. For example, to have 20 years experience for an entry-level job – of course it would be more desirable than a person with no experience, but would they need that amount of experience for the role?

Painting an accurate and concise picture of what one can expect if they were to work here is so important in making an applicant feel reassured.