Job Advertisement: To Hire, Not To Look Cool

Over the past years a lot of companies are making the mistake of trying to oversell their cool brand image rather than focusing on work in their job adverts. Remember, the intent of a job advert is to attract potential candidates

Using language that is too trendy or cool can make candidates think that the company has unrealistic expectations, and seem unprofessional. For example, “looking for an absolute rock star in the office”

The problem with writing in a ‘too’ friendly and colloquial tone is that it can bring in a lot of irrelevant information. A lot of job advertisements today mention things like, “we’ve got free snacks and always keep a fridge fully stocked with red bull” – this is irrelevant. People don’t want to apply for a job to get their hands on snacks. It’s best to talk about the things that matter, such as what the candidate can expect from working for the company, benefits or the company culture

Don’t forget, a job advertisement is for hiring, not for looking cool