Job Ad: Mention The Salary

The truth is – everyone has bills to pay. Even if your company is a superb place to work with great culture and a ton of perks, salary matters. It does not have the same priority for everyone, but salary is one of the focal points of a good job ad.

The number one reason for listing a salary (or at least a range) is attracting more people. Job ads with a listed salary attract up to 30% more applicants. What’s more, those that do apply know exactly what to hope for. This way, you eliminate anyone who’s too expensive for yourbudget right off the bat.

One of the biggest concerns when the salary isn’t listed is that candidates will think that companies are trying to get an amazing person and pay them very little.

Finally, the biggest reason to list the salary in your job ad is to motivate those looking to change jobs. For over 70% of people who quit jobs, salary is their primary reason for a change in the workplace. If they know that you are offering more, they will be much more likely to envision you as their next employer.