It’s Interview Time…It’s The Small Details That Matter

EBR aims to support and help candidates to do their best at job interviews. Here are a few tips to consider for your next job interview

  • Well mannered: Do not swear, speak formally and do not chew gum or sweets. Take a mint before an interview to avoid having a bad breath
  • Switch it off: Your interviewer does not need to be informed that your latest profile picture is accumulating likes. Silent is the rule
  • You might win a debate, but you’ll lose a job offer: Do not talk over your interviewer. Wait until they have finished speaking and then say your piece
  • Do not be late: No employer is going to find lateness an attractive quality in their prospective next employee. If you are running late, do everybody a favour and phone ahead to inform them… your awareness to do so might just save you
  • Dress appropriately: Do not wear anything offensive. There’s a time for purple and orange. Your interview isn’t it. Grey, black, white, and navy are the way to go

Stay calm, and good luck!