Interview No-Nos!

Be cautious of the top 5 mistakes that job seekers make in interviews which include the following:

· Running Late –Running late is a mistake that is made quite often and one that will give your potential employer a bad impression of you. If you are running late for whatever reason make sure you inform your interviewer instead of showing up 15 minutes late without an explanation. Better yet, try and be 10 minutes early for your interview as it shows preparation and eagerness on your part.

· Poor Presentation – When you attend a job interview you must be dressed accordingly. It is bad form to show up to an interview looking dishevelled or in casual clothing as it does not portray you as professional or serious in acquiring your desired job. It is best to wear corporate business savvy clothes, which for women would consist of a blazer, pencil skirt or black pants with minimal jewellery and hair tied back. For men, black work pants and a business shirt would be appropriate to wear to a job interview.

· Not Being Prepared – Not being prepared for your job interview is a costly mistake you can make as it will surely put you out of the running to be short listed for a position. Before your job interview make sure you read up on the company, go through the position description and memorise the name of the person who will be interviewing you. Preparation is key and will always act as an advantage in a job interview situation.

· Lack of Eye Contact – Believe it or not but your eyes are a powerful tool that can either help you or hurt you in a job interview situation.

Bad Communication Skills – Communication skills are an important factor of an applicant for any type of position. It is a key deciding factor on whether you get hired or not for a particular position. Make sure you communicate well with your interviewer which includes a nice firm handshake, clear and concise vocabulary and confidence in your skills and abilities.