How to stay awake at work

It has arrived. Your eyes feel sandpapery as you struggle to keep them open. Your whole body feels weighted, but your computer screen continues to glare, remindingyou that you’re not quite done yet. If you’re tired or barely keeping your eyelids at half-mast, here are some ideas to help you out:


Getting up and moving around can be one of the best ways to wake yourself up.Taking five minutes to get up, stretch, walk to the water cooler or to a coworker’sdesk can have great benefits


Make sure you’re not interrupting or keep them from their work, but consider talking to a friend in the office. Rather than sending that work-related email, go and talk to the recipient directly. Talking, smiling and laughing with others will go a long way towards helping you conquer the drowsiness


Not all snacks are equally good for you. A candy bar has a quick energy surge, but an even quicker drop. Opt instead for fruit or veggies, nuts or dark chocolate. Bring something that has a long-lasting effect that you can also enjoy. Don’t forget water.Most of us don’t drink nearly as much water as we should, but staying properlyhydrated can go a long way toward helping you to stay awake and alert throughout the day

Just getting through the day can be a chore when drowsiness hits you like a truck.Don’t let yourself be beaten by it! Plan ahead, there are plenty of options to pull you out of the slump