How To Make Your Resume Look Good And Short

Avoid large slabs of text – short sentences and bullet points will direct readers to the bits that matter

It needs relatively large margins do the interviewer can makes notes. But don’t put each section on a new page – flipping lots of pages makes it a bore to work with. Also, a lot of people reading your resumes don’t have the eyesight they used to – make the font 11 or 12 point

How long should it be? SHORT. Typically only 3 to 4 pages long: less for those who have not been in the workforce long. A good compromise would be 2 pages, using two-sided printing

Why do so many people write 8 or more pages, plus a 2 page cover letter? They only frustrate the reader, or worse still, they ignore it. Repeat after me: Nobody has the time. Nobody cares. If it’s short, it is more likely to be read. And the pieces that matter are naturally highlighted and so remembered. So you are more likely to get to the next stage in the recruitment process: at that point, we often go back to applicants and ask them for more information on the parts of their resumes relevant to our role

You may need to know the details of the position you are applying for -and your cover letter must highlight how your skills/experience for the position. If it’s for no particular position, still try and tailor it to the Division or Department you are trying to join