How to Maintain Connections Over the Years

Remember to continually engage with their work

It is not required for you to constantly chat with every business relations one on one, however it is expected that you would still show some attention and interest in their work. This can be achieved very quickly and easily through a quick congratulations on their LinkedIn posts, or even a reaction such as a thumbs up on their post if you are uncertain of what to say. By doing this, you are showing to your contacts that you still remember them and appreciate their work, but you’re also not expecting them to reply or return the offer. This is important as you would not want to come off as self-serving.

Regular catch ups

This is more so for those contacts who are closer to you than just a business acquaintance, such as a former colleague or client. If they are not reaching out to you, and they are also not posting on LinkedIn, then perhaps you should take the initiative and send them a quick message asking them how they have been. As long as you send them quick messages every month or two, you will still be able to put yourself back on their radar.

Plan small gatherings

Holding small gatherings with business relations is an efficient and convenient method of revisiting and strengthening business contacts who you had not conversed with in a while. It also tends to be a mutually beneficial event as not only are you meeting up with old relations, but the other attendees also have an opportunity to revisit old contacts and meet new people. Furthermore, if you are not particularly close with any of the attendees that you had invited, then there are less chances of awkward conversations if you have other contacts who are ready to start conversing around you.

Acts of kindness

Showing some generosity and thoughtfulness by introducing certain contacts with each other, or offering to help promote one’s work on social media, can go a long way in keeping business relations. Offering to help others showcases to your contacts that you care about them and their work, which will effectively build up your reputation as a positive individual who is not self-serving.