How to Keep the Most Important People in Your Business

I hope you guys have read the previous blog post, 10 signs to look out for with your employees. Now you’re wondering, what do I need to change in order to keep my employees?

Starting off with an open and honest communication is the key to all business and personal relationships. Made a mistake? What is more powerful is you letting your team know that you’ve missed the mark and that you’ve reflected on it and are taking the correct steps to fix it. This goes a long way in building a trustworthy and supportive relationship. The Apology consist of

  1. Admitting a mistake or failure occurred and you are responsible
  2. Acknowledging respect and admiration for your team
  3. Recognising this is a transition from fuzziness and drama to a structure of clarity, standards, outcomes and results
  4. Diagnosing that high-performance machines require optics and measurement, and that lack of measurement was the root cause of the current situation
  5. Ask for help in identifying the obstacles to success so a dashboard can be created to provide feedback and accountability
  6. Do what you say you would

Many times, the difference between failure and success is the willingness to have an awkward conversation. It requires courage but offers tremendous gains.