How To Choose Between 2 Great Candidates

Finding great job candidates is hard. However, there is such a thing as a good problem to have. Imagine finding not one, but TWO excellent candidates for a job! At first, you’re thrilled,but then you realise – you’ll have to make a call and choose one of the two!

1. Figure out who wants you more: Candidates who are already employed and just looking to make a change will probably be less motivated to start working than those who desperately need a job. Ask questions like:

  • Who asked more questions?
  • Who seemed more engaged during the interview?
  • Who informed themselves better about your company?
  • Who was quicker to catch up after the interview?2. Look at the long-term plan: It’s not just about the skills at the moment they apply – a candidate that has a wide skill set shows a penchant for learning and mastering their field of expertise (and beyond). Looking at the long term, they’re the better choice because they’llwork on themselves and grow with your company3. Do a test: Skills test can be used to go deeper into candidates’ knowledge and asses theirexperience on specific requirements. A test gives you a simple way to make a decision bymeasuring what you’re interested in and having a clear result which candidate is betterIf by the end of the day you still don’t know which candidate to hire; seize the opportunity andhire both candidates, because you may not have a chance to find a great employee like that any time soon