Habits of a Successful Software Developer

Here are some effective habits that you could adopt into your routine as a software developer: 

  1. Write clean: Assign clear, meaningful names to variables and functions – something that should be simpler if you’re following the one function, one purpose rule of thumb. It is important that when you come back to your to your code weeks after writing it, you can understand quickly and easily what it is meant to do. 
  2. Understanding how your code helps drive the overall business: As a developer, it is important to understand how the company works in order to ‘speak’ the company through your creation. This could be achieved by focusing on the user or customer.
  3. Listen more than you speak: It requires humility, especially if you think you are the smartest person in the room.
  4. Persistent: Be stubborn because some problems are hard to solve. Finding the solution to a hard problem is the best feeling!
  5. Get help from the Internet: Asking for help on the Internet, such as through forums, can be the most efficient first step towards a solution
    6. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable: Stretch your boundaries in the direction that will grow your career