Finding Your Dream Job

Finding your dream job requires you to take action. Here are 5 steps on how you can path your way in finding your dream job

Step 1 – Do something

This may seem slightly obvious but sitting there wondering why your career goalsaren’t coming together won’t make things fall into place. It’s true what they say,something worth having, never comes easy. So, start setting out a plan to help you achieve your dream job and your one step closer to getting it.

Step 2 – Decide what job you want

Think about what you are doing now and be realistic. Your next role may not be thefull dream but it’s a stepping stone to where you need to be. Consider the things thatmatter, like the location. Where can you work or possible move to? Decide what companies you want to work for and search whether they have openings within your dream area.

Step 3 – Get cracking on that CV

Your CV must be flawless and a true reflection of the job you are applying for. Don’tforget to update your LinkedIn page too!

Step 4 – Make a plan
Decide how you will begin your search and application for your dream role.

  • Ring up recruitment companies and see what opportunities they have
  • Apply through companies directly
  • Network like your life depends on it
  • Keep track of your applications
  • Follow up, recruiters and hiring managers are busy people so a quick call can put your application front and centre

Step 5 – Take a few risks

Bill Gates didn’t get where he is without taking a few risks in life. Put yourself outthere and bring your passion and knowledge to the job interview and the rest will fall into place. Companies like nothing more than friendly, qualified and enthusiastic candidates