Finding An ‘A’ Player

Our team at EBR are all ‘A’ players striving for professionalism, enthusiasm, respect and motivation. Here are our 4 methods in finding the right ‘A’ Player for your business team.

  1. Scorecard

Document the qualities or what you want a person to achieve in this job. This could include working towards a mission, outcome or their competencies.

2. Source

Generating a flow of the right candidates by exploring your networks and taking advantage of referrals, recruiters and researchers.

3. Select your candidate

Undertake structured interviews to gather the facts about a person, determine whether they tick off your scorecard or not, and to make an informed hiring decision.

4. Sell

Persuade candidates to come on board with you! Remember the 5 f’s of selling

  • Fit: Combine the company’s vision and culture with the candidate’s goals, strengths and values.
  • Family: Take into consideration the candidate’s trauma of changing jobs, especially with their family.
  • Freedom: The ability to allow candidates to make their own decisions.
  • Fortune: Reflects the stability of the company and the financial upside when objectives are achieved.
  • Fun: Having a dynamic work environment where candidates are able to develop personal relationships.