Communication and Speaking Up when You’re an Introvert

While speaking up and giving pitches, presentations and ideas can seem natural to some, it can be nerve wracking to others, particularly those who feel more comfortable keeping quiet. However, in the modern workplace, socialization and vocal personalities are far more favored over quietness. Therefore, it is important for introverted people to learn some tips and tricks to help them become more confident speakers. Below are some of these techniques.

Have more confidence

This tip seems obvious and is far easier said than done. However, simply refusing to underestimate the value of your ideas and opinions will go a long way in boosting your confidence to speak up. One of the primary reasons why people do not speak up during meetings is due to a lack of confidence in their opinions and ideas, and this fear of speaking up is exemplified in introverted personalities. However, you can combat this fear through a few, small methods. For example, you can give yourself a pep talk before going into the room. Or remind yourself of the amount of knowledge and expertise you already have garnered. Or remember that you were hired because the company clearly saw great value in you, and therefore you should not be afraid to contribute to a discussion. Remember to believe in yourself, and if you make a mistake, then take it as a learning opportunity to improve later.

Study beforehand

Another great way to boost help you have the courage to speak up is to study the topic of discussion beforehand. Learn about the ins and outs of the topic of the next meeting so that when you arrive, you already have some well thought out ideas and perspectives to throw into the meeting. This would be beneficial for both you and the team, as you will be able to contribute to the team in a meaningful way and the team may see an idea that they would not have previously considered without you. Or if you are going to present or give a pitch, then always ensure that you practice your pitch prior to the event to avoid potentially clamming up. Practice boosts confidence which therefore boosts performance.

Speak up as soon as possible

Give your ideas as soon as possible because this will help you get into the right mindset at the start of the meeting. If you wait too long, then you may feel anxious to find the right window of opportunity to speak up, which would make you feel even more nervous and self-doubting.

Ask for more information

Asking questions is a great way to help you understand a point better, and through a better understanding of a topic, you can come up with more insightful ideas that you will be able to confidently give to others.