Benefits Of Working With Your Competitors

It is difficult to understand at first how you can work with your competitors who are trying to steal your lunch! But after being introduced to it, most can see its power and potential.

We all have the same issues. We’re all addressing the same problems and the big, bad them are not always actual competitors. You will find that most have specialised in an area, focused on particular niches, and do not directly compete with you. Some may be direct competition but even within this particular sphere you’re still individuals, you still have your own specific goals and targets to meet. And there are a lot of other competitors out there who don’t have the power of your little networking group, which is typically around 5 percent of the industry.

When it comes to careers, no one is the same, which means we have very few direct competitors. Remember, we are all Brands of One – the chance of you directly competing at the same time within one of your 5 friendly industry colleagues is remote. And the benefits of this sort of networking far outweigh the very small risk that you will one say directly compete with a colleague.