A New Job, Means a New you

Your first day at work is going to be memorable for you, your boss, and your colleagues. Here are some tips for you to prepare for this new journey

  • Start a fresh, new routine to improve your daily or weekly life into something over which you have more control of
  • Look clean and tidy will certainly create a good first impression and prevent you from standing out like a sore thumb
  • Arrive no sooner and no later. Generally speaking, arriving 15 minutes before your start time is great. If you are late, please please please do phone ahead to apologise
  • Respond positively to your colleagues and demonstrate a willingness to try to forge new relationships. Listening and nodding is great, asking questions is even better.
  • Set medium-to-long term targets that serve as continuous motivators during grey days

What should you bring with you from your past to this new role? Your mistakes, because they will help you grow; your skills, your knowledge, all of which can be further honed; and you. Remember, you have been hired. You are the new employee. And this is your new first day. EBR wishes you the best of luck!