5 Tips on how to prepare for a GIS interview

Interviewing for a position in the GIS field is not that much different from interview in other fields. Here are some tips on how you can prepare for a GIS job interview:

  1. Show your cartographic skills and GIS skills by bringing along your portfolio. Make sure to have 3-5 good examples of a variety of projects that you participated in to show off your skills and understanding of this field
  2. Do your homework beforehand! Learn as much as you can about the company or organisation and about how they use GIS. Ask yourself,what technical and soft skills do I have to offer for this company
  3. Don’t rush to answer: Be precise and succinct in your answers. Takeyour time to think about your answer
  4. Highlight your experiences by describing how you fit in the organisation, your strengths and common themes and values that is ideal for this role

Remember, finding a GIS job requires time and patience. Good luck!