5 Most Common Resumé Mistakes

If you’re having trouble getting responses from employers, make sure your resume isn’t guilty of these mistakes!

  1. Grammatical Errors
    What would employers think if your skills include effective communicator but you used the wrong there/their/they’re!
  2. Too vague
    Go into detail with your experiences and achievements, chances are someone in a similar role applied so stand out!
  3. Contact Details
    Make sure they’re up to date and underneath your name. Too many people forget this!
  4. Wall of text
    Space out your paragraphs, use line spacing, margins, and fonts to make it visually appealing to the reader.
  5. Length
    A 1-page cover letter and 2-page resume are the ideal lengths for general job applications.However, don’t cut out important information to stay within the limit. Cut down on older jobs or unrelated jobs in favour of recent, relevant experience.

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